It comes as no surprise that some of my friends are a little more perky in a certain area than I am. We see each other about once a week for mommy playdates and I can’t help but be jealous by Tiffani’s latest…enhancements in the chestus area.

What’s a less perky mom to do if she just recently purchased total body laser hair removal and a year’s supply of Botox? Plus, my husband gets a little upset everytime I have to use an entire box of Kleenex before going out to a nice event.

Some would say that it’s time to sit and mope…but not me, ladies! I’ve started doing a workout that’s not only proven to give you bigger breasts but also burns calories at the same time. It’s a total win-win and a happy situation for husbands everywhere.

Check out these 5 exercises below that are guaranteed by fitness experts to give you a little boost in the breast area.

1. Standing Y Raise

Bigger Boob Workout: Standing Y Raise
photo by MyFitnessPal

According to Spotebi, the Standing Y Raise is a dumb-bell workout that primarily targets the shoulders first and then the chest second…which means bigger boobies! Hold the dumb-bells with palms facing your body, stand shoulder with apart and start raising those weights above your head so your entire body forms a “Y”.  Do about 12 reps until you feel the burn in your boob-a-lies!

2. Chest Fly

Bigger Boob Workout: Chest Fly
photo by SkinnyMom

Another dumb-bell workout and a huge boob-builder here! Lay down with dumb-bells in hand and arms up. Slowly lower the dumb-bells to the side and keep repeating as you fan the flames in your breast muscles. Do 2 sets of 10 reps and you’ll no doubt feel the burn and the boost in your breasts!

3. Rear Lateral Raise

Bigger Boob Workout: Rear Lateral Raise
photo by OxygenMag

Hold onto some dumb-bells and stick that booty out so your back is parallel to the floor. Then without moving anything except your arms, raise those dumb-bells up to the sides of your body so you look like a sexy version of the Hulk in the mirror.  Then return to your original starting position. Do this for 12-15 reps…do you feel your chests becoming bigger? I do!

4. Wall Pushes

Bigger Boob Workout: Wall Push Up
photo by StyleCraze

Wall pushes are basically a push-up while standing against a wall. Do these wall push-ups for about 12 to 15 reps and feel the burning in your bosoms. It’s also helpful to wear a tight pair of yoga pants if you are doing this in a gym. That way people won’t focus as much on how silly you look doing push-ups against a wall.

5. Chair Dip

Bigger Boob Workout: Chair Dip
photo by TestosteroneTalk

This exercise is not only super easy to do anywhere, but it also pumps up the perkiness in your bra! Put your hands on the edge of a steady chair or bench and lower your body until your arms form a 90-degree angle at the elbow. Do this about 12 to 15 times and you’ll definitely feel the burn in your chest and triceps. *Word of caution: if you’re having irritable bowels, be careful not to squeeze one out.

And there you have it – 5 of the best exercises to boost your breasts! Do you have any favorite chest-building exercises? Do you stuff your bra with Kleenex or toilet paper? Let me know in the comments below!

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