Low Carb Ice Cream Cone with SprinklesFor as long as I can remember, iceberg lettuce has received a bad rap from nutritionists, celebrities and random know-it-alls alike. From “it doesn’t have enough vitamins” to “there’s no fiber in there to make you poop”, iceberg has been the forgotten head of green in grocery stores everywhere and it’s very, very sad.

While I do believe that romaine is healthier in many ways, I am also a strong advocate for iceberg lettuce and the many benefits that it provides. Which is why I’ve created a post featuring the 6 unique and unexpected uses for iceberg lettuce¬†that will not only change the way you look at it but also have you running to stores to buy multiple heads at a time!

Delicate & Trendy Centerpiece

Iceberg Lettuce Centerpiece
Why pay top dollar for an elegant and expensive centerpiece at an overrated home goods store when you can design your own? A full head of fresh, green iceberg lettuce can provide a gentle and lively touch to any coffee or end table that you might have around the house. And if you get hungry during one of your low carb diets, you’ll rest assured knowing that a snack is waiting for you not too far away.

All-Season Votive Holder

Lettuce Leaf Votive Holder
A couple of fresh leaves of lettuce can serve as a refreshing votive holder for any season. While most would prefer this type of votive holder in spring, I find it useful all year long. The green will match any Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush and keep the house looking festive.

Exquisite Modern Wall art

Lettuce Leaves Nailed Onto A Wall Pretending To Be Modern Art
Even Van Gogh would be jealous of your heightened sense of art genius if he could see your decorated walls! To liven up your living space, add a few leaves of lettuce to the wall. Lettuce carries itself in such a manner that a frame isn’t required. Lettuce art is just starting to get the recognition it deserves so beat your friends to the trend. (Just remember, lettuce rots after a while so it’s a great idea to change the leaves every few days or so. Unless you like bad smells to keep people from dropping by randomly…then keep it up.)

No-Fail Fever Reducer

Lettuce Leaves On Top Of A Person's Forehead
Nothing can compare with the healing properties of a living piece of leaf. Whether it be maple, aspen or lettuce leaves, the photosynthetic cells of such nature are designed to restore life. The Native Americans knew this and tapped into it long before we even knew anything about it. Just place a few large leaves on top of the head and allow it to descend onto the forehead. Then pop a few aspirin and watch a miracle occur!

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

Head of iceberg lettuce on a toilet paper holder in a bathroom
Whether you need dry toilet paper or a handful of wet wipes, perhaps you should think of a more green alternative…literally. Iceberg lettuce fits on a toilet paper holder perfectly, contrasts well with the shiny porcelain and can clean up just about anything. Not only is it refreshing but it’s also incredibly ¬†rewarding to know that you’re giving back to the environment. It’s the circle of wipe!

Low-Carb Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream cone substituted with lettuce A diet doesn’t have to make you forego everything wonderful and delicious. For instance, why skip out on greasy cheeseburgers when you can simply replace the bun with lettuce and lose pounds like crazy? It works the same for ice cream cones. Simply trim the iceberg lettuce head down to the heart and form a little bowl in the middle. Scoop out your ice cream, add some sprinkles and you’ve got one of the most delicious and low-carb ice cream cones you could ever eat.

So what do you think? Are there any ideas that you’re going to try out? Do you have any other ideas that you can use for iceberg lettuce? Have you ever used lettuce for underwear? If you have, I’d like to know how it went in the comments below!


One thought on “6 Unique & Unexpected Uses For Iceberg Lettuce”

  1. I actually used lettuce as underwear today after reading your inspirational post. So far so good. I was planning to recycle it as eco friendly toilet paper later on. However I have some fat free sugar free dairy free low calorie low carb omega 3 fish oil ice cream in the freezer. My question is, can I remove my lettuce panties and directly use them as a low carb ice cream cone? Or do you recommend I wash them first? Thanks so much for your time. I await your response on this important matter. If I don’t hear back in a few hours I’ll probably just go ahead and eat my panties.

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