Kelli is a fun-loving, devoted mom of two and a loving and tender wife. She loves to cook, bake, clean the house, change diapers, drink green shakes, do laundry, massage feet, clean toilets and anything else that normal people don’t enjoy.

Woman Throwing A Baby Into The Ocean

When she’s not taking care of her two littles, you can find her trying new diets and scouring Pinterest for exercise plans that only lead to failure. She is a devoted yogi and firmly believes that everyone’s chakra should look as good as hers. Kelli graduated from North Shore Community College with a dual degree in Office Support & Cosmetology.

With her education and knowledge, she has been able to meet a husband with a full head of hair who makes a crap-ton of money at Goldman Sachs and they have amazing sex every night.

Kelli is a “self-accomplished” cook, crafty crafterson and most importantly–a lovely and feminine family woman. If you are interested in contacting Kelli, please email her at!

Kelli is a member of the USFC (US Fertility Club) and a Cute Cat Names Convention member. She contributes her insights often to random online publications to try and increase her audience.

She hopes you enjoy her blog and that you’ll find lots of inspiration, lifestyle and ovulation tips here!

*before you start sending me death threats, please know that this is a spoof of every mommy/lifestyle/diary/cooking blog that has ever existed. don’t take it too seriously and laugh about things. one more thing – all recipes, exercises etc are legit!