It’s almost time for that little beautiful bundle of joy to come screaming into this world…are you ready? Have you planned out the perfect take-home outfit, the birth photographer and ordered the engraved, keepsake umbilical cord cutters? I hope so for your sake.
There is one major thing that you absolutely cannot overlook: the birthing process. Have you discussed with your doctor the options that will be presented to you upon check in at the hospital? Will you opt for the sloth-like ways of an epidural or will you give birth naturally just like the millions of strong women that led the way before you?

I hope you’ll not take this matter lightly and read the 5 reasons why a natural birth might be the best choice for you and your baby. Because it’s not just about comfort…it’s about cartwheels, too.

1. You’ll be present for every part of the process and can move around more freely.
By refusing an epidural, you’ll be more aware of the beautiful process that you’ve just begun as a soon to be mother. You’ll feel each and every sharp and excruciating contraction the way nature intended it and you’ll be free to do cartwheels around the room if you so desire.

2. Your husband can be involved by helping you manage the pain.
A loving husband or partner by your side during one of the most intense moments of your life is crucial to the birthing process. Your husband can hold your hand and guide you through some of the most painful moments you’ll experience as you shower him with obscenities from all letters of the alphabet.

3. You are a woman and designed to give birth naturally.
Before there were drugs to help with labor, babies were born healthy and women were giving birth to these precious darlings naturally (but I’d be silly to mention that modern medicine has decreased the maternal death rate by 45%).

4. Waterbirths are trending right now on Twitter.Baby swimming in a pool after being born
The last thing you want to happen during your pregnancy is to be left out of the in-crowd. With water-births becoming more and more popular on Twitter and other social media sites, you can guarantee that there are benefits to such a birthing process. Having a natural water birth in the comfort of your blow-up Disney’s Frozen pool in the living room is not only a great reason for a family get-together but also a great way to teach your new baby how to swim right from his first breath.

5. Natural birth is cheaper.
When you’re trying to save for hubby’s new car or an all-inclusive trip to Mexico, it makes all the sense in the world to forego modern medicine and comfort during childbirth. You could save thousands upon thousands of dollars by popping the little one out at home with a midwife or just by saying no to an epidural. You might keep your neighbors up with the horrifying screams of a woman in labor pains but at least you’ll know that you were fully present and will never feel a second of guilt for utilizing medicine.

What do you moms think? Did you do a natural birth? How did you control your pain? If you had to do it all over again, you would’ve gotten an epidural, right? Let me know in the comments below!

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