Halloween is swiftly approaching…which means babies and big kids alike will be running through the streets with makeup and cheap costumes. Choosing a Halloween costume for a baby is almost as fun and exciting as your wedding day…but not quite.

But what happens when you come across a little angel dressed up as a tampon? Do you scold the parent? I’d like to think that I would in that situation but I honestly don’t know what I’d do.

So before you go searching on Pinterest for baby costume ideas, you might want to check this list first to ensure that you’re baby isn’t an embarrassment to be holding on to on All Hallow’s Eve. I hereby proclaim these baby costumes the ABSOLUTE WORST:

Canna-baby Leaf

marijuana baby costume
photo by Brandsonsale.com

I’ve always believed that too much of a good thing can be bad. In this case, when marijuana and babies are mixed together…it’s definitely too much. Look at that precious baby just smiling without teeth from the leaves of a fresh marijuana leaf! Who would do that to their baby?! I think it’s a terrible idea and that babies shouldn’t be marijuana leaves. Though you might think your child won’t remember this, they will. And just as you are proud of their costume, they’ll be just as proud of their bong collection when they’re teens.

Taco Baby

Taco Baby Costume
photo from Gunaxin.com

Can someone please explain to me why they’d dress their child up as a taco? It’s horrendous! While I can agree that sometimes babies are so cute you could eat them, I don’t think it’s appropriate to dress up children as food. It gives dogs and wild animals the wrong idea if they were to meet outside while trick-or-treating.


Chucky Costume
photo from HuffPost

In my humble opinion, a child should never be holding a knife on Halloween…or at any other time during its baby years. I find it even more intolerable when a baby dresses up as a creature of your worst nightmares…Chucky. What’s wrong with being a cute little fluffy poodle or a harmless little bumblebee? Our world is horrible.

Subway Baby

photo from BoredBug.com

Of all the many things that are wrong with this costume, I think
it’s wise to mention that the worst part about it is the fact that this baby is a Subway sandwich. Not even a Jimmy John’s! Don’t these parents know that Subway is SO 2001?! I hope this baby can recover from the shame and embarrassment it will one day feel when looking over
her Halloween pictures.

Hitler Baby

hitler baby costume
photo from Playfulfactory.com

What parent would think it’s ok to dress their child up as Hitler? A bad one, that’s who! That’s one step down from Osama Bin Laden but STILL! It’s an outrage. Look at that baby…he even looks ashamed and he has no idea what his costume means! This costume makes a Trojan Condom costume look harmless. Shame on his parents. They will be on the first bus to Hell.

Just my two cents.

Have you seen any horrible baby costumes lately? What will you be dressing your child as? Pamela Lee Anderson? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!





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